Sunday, August 11, 2013

Getting started with Beta Hero Fiction

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog: Beta Hero Fiction. 

Lets just start with introducing myself. My name is Chell and I'm from the Netherlands. Ever since I can remember I've been writing. Usually short stories, but also poetry, songs and stand up comedy. After an exchange program to the United States I stopped writing in my native language and refined my skills in English. It has been a challenge, but I think I'm getting there. 

Most of you however will know me by the name of Beta Hero, my nickname at I've had an account for years, but only recently started publishing my own stories. Currently I have only two published stories due to an extremely busy summer (turns out apartments don't renovate themselves!) but there's more to come!

But why starting my own blog instead of just staying on Well, I felt restricted by the rules. Sometimes I just want to share something else than just the story I wrote. I also like to share tips and tricks on how to make your stories better or a little insight on how I go through the writing process. Unfortunately simply doesn't offer an platform for these sort of things. 

Now, don't be afraid. I'm not leaving behind, I still like the community a lot! It's just that I'd like to add that little extra to my writing by offering you this blog to read. So today I've posted my stories here. In the future I'll first publish new chapters and/or stories here before I'll publish on So if you like the newest stories hot of the press, come back and check this blog regularly! 

~ Chell <3

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