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Arrow: The last little bit - Survive

Title: The last little bit
Chapter: 1 of 6
Fandom: Arrow
Time frame: Season one
Rating: Fiction-T
Summary: Five times Oliver Queen died and one time he lived.
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Arrow. 

Author Note:
This fanficition is part of a little project I have for improving my writing and it will mostly contain actual scenes from ‘Arrow’. I’ve planned six chapters in this story based on the idea of five times Oliver Queen died and one time he lived. In every chapter there will be warnings in the author note for possible spoilers. For this chapter, there are no spoilers assuming you watched the pilot episode.

Since this is part of a project to improve my writing I’d very much like comments on what can be improved. Every comment/review is welcome but I’m especially looking for comments on consistency of the characters (in respect to the series), spelling/grammar and word choice since I’m not a native speaker. Anyway, enjoy this first chapter!


To Oliver it felt like it was so long ago that he watched the Queen Gambit break in half and sink to the bottom of the Chinese Sea, along with everyone not lucky enough to make it to the life raft. He wasn’t sure how long they had been aimlessly floating around. The days had sort of blurred together as nothing happened other than an occasional exchange of words between the three survivors of the shipwreck.

Most of the time, Oliver just tried to sleep. It seemed to be the only way to escape the gloomy thoughts his mind lingered on when he was awake. His father had one arm wrapped tightly around him, keeping him warm and feeling somewhat safe.

On the side of the raft sat the captain of the Queen Gambit, balancing a knife between his fingers and an empty crate. He appeared to be dozing off. Oliver’s father leaned in a little. “There is not enough for all of us.” He said in a low voice. Oliver opened his eyes briefly, but didn’t look at his father. “Save your strength.” He replied as he closed his eyes again.

“You can survive this, make it home.” His father paused briefly. “Make it matter, right my wrongs.” He continued as Oliver was only half listening. “But you gotta live through this first.” Oliver started to doze off again, his father anxiously shook him. “You hear me Olly? Do you hear me son?” Oliver looked briefly at his father, he didn’t understand his sudden distress. “Just rest Dad.” And he closed his eyes again.

His father nodded slowly. “Yeah…” Then he kissed his son’s forehead before gently lifting him off his arm. Oliver barely noticed and just let his body slide to the side, leaning against the edge of the life raft.

He was startled by the sound of gunfire, followed by a splashing sound. Oliver’s first instinct was to jump to his feet, but the unsteady floor prevented him from getting up. So he settled for crawling across the raft. “Dad?!” He stared at his father in shock.

“Survive.” He told Oliver before placing the gun to his own head. Oliver saw the fear in his eyes before he pulled the trigger. “Nooo!” There was nothing he could do but watch his father fall to the floor of the raft. “Nooo!” He screamed, but there was no one left to hear.

Oliver now was the last survivor of the Queen Gambit, but looking at his father’s body, he couldn’t help but to feel as dead as he’d ever be.

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